Who is Ardevia?

Knowledge, experience and a network...

What we do?

Maximize your chances of developing a successful product...

Who is Ardevia?


Ardevia is owned and led by Dany Wyss.
For over 25 years he has repeatedly led and guided companies and product teams from ideas to successful implementation of innovative software products. As a software engineer with strong technical expertise and wide experience from management to product strategies down to programming bits and bytes, he knows how to create, support and nurture software development teams to excel in creating software products fit for the market.
He is backed by a network of first-class Swiss and nearshore developers and other leading experts where needed.

What we do?

As a startup, spin-off or other new software product iniative you need to get your first results off the ground quickly, efficiently. But you also want to build up your development in a way that optimally increases your chances to succeed. Not many enterpreneurs have the experience or network to do this on their own.

We make this happen with state-of-the-art technologies, tools and processes. And we do it better, because we've done it before and know what works and what not.

Of course there is no one right way. This is where our wisdom helps assess the environment, the people involved, your values, etc. and find the optimal match specific to your software development:

  • development strategy and processes
  • infrastructure, resources & tooling
  • architecture, technology and concepts

And where needed we can extend your team using nearshoring, so that you can extend and accelerate your development quickly, flexibly and efficiently. We can help you to get the right people on board.
Together we make sure you get your product development set up with the best chances for success!

Just contact us now for a chat to find out if and where we can help you.

Technologies, Tools and Processes

This is a selection of the techologies, tools and processes Dany Wyss and his team use and have used:

We believe these are just a means to an end - adapting the right tools means continually learning and evolving.

If you want to know what else we master, just ask.


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