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Do you want to know if your product development is effective?

We accompany innovative product initiatives

to build a perfectly coordinated and highly effective

software development organization.

How does your team respond to change?

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

Unlock your true potential.

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​To highlight how we can empower you we have developed enablers that reflect our strong expertise. These enablers fill possible gaps to establish a superior software product development.

Our Team

We provide services for building and running a product development successfully, in a holistic approach.

Dev Expert / Co-Founder

Dany Wyss is a software engineer, architect and advisor with strong technical expertise and wide experience from product strategies to management right down to programming bits and bytes.

Agile Expert / Co-Founder

Enjoy actively accompanying agile transformation in companies that are passionate about innovative software products (enterprise innovations, startups, spinoffs). People-oriented agile expert and change driver.

Our Mission

We provide services for building and running a product development successfully.


We collect, extend and maintain the knowledge on methods, strategies and best practices needed to get a product development running successfully.


For our clients, we minimize the risk of failure and increase the chances of success by means of an optimal product development.


To achieve this, we not only build up on our competent knowledge and wealth of experience but also consider the individual situation and available assets to provide the best solutions based on the client's existing portfolio.


Our clients are new product initiatives that need software-centred product development.


We target investors, startups, established companies (SME) and incubators to involve us in new product initiatives.

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Do you have confidence in the path you are taking?

We actively take part in your journey.

We unleash your hidden potential to create real value.

We bridge the gap between business and development.

We extend your team with the power of nearshoring.

Our Approach

Present state

Identifying your current situation with respect to:

  • Strategy

  • Team

  • Individuals

  • Process

  • Technology

  • Software Architecture

  • Scaling

  • More..

Target state

Where should you be?

Together, considering your company culture, we develop the desired state tailored to you.

Identify gaps

We define together what gaps should be closed in what priority and how we should approach them.

The implementation and transformation of your company will happen in an iterative agile way.

Plan actions

There is no change or transformation without a plan. 

We draw a vision together to unfold your true potential.

Our enablers are part of the services we provide for you to reach your vision.

How we start..


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