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Unlock your true potential.

Dev Expert / Co-Founder

Dany Wyss is a software engineer, architect and advisor with strong technical expertise and wide experience from product strategies to management right down to programming bits and bytes.

Agile Expert / Co-Founder

Enjoy actively accompanying agile transformation in companies that are passionate about innovative software products (enterprise innovations, startups, spinoffs). People-oriented agile expert and change driver and solution architect.

Our Team

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Our Purpose

Empower every person and every organization to successfully thrive on change.

What we do

Enabling digital organizations

We accompany customers to become a perfectly coordinated and highly effective digital organization ready for the future.

Enabling software development teams

We accompany innovative product initiatives to build a perfectly coordinated and highly effective software development organization.

Custom software engineering

We engineer software products fit for your business needs in an ever-evolving world.

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