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Our Mission

To be able to be true to our purpose we continuously collect, extend and maintain the knowledge on methods, strategies and best practices needed to cope with the everchanging world we live in.

For our clients, we minimize the risk of failure and increase the chances of success by means of creating behaviors that allow handling the change at hand.


To achieve this, we not only build up on our comprehensive knowledge and wealth of experience but also consider the individual situation and available assets to provide the best solutions based on the client’s existing capabilities.


Our clients are looking for a better way on how to cope with change in this rapidly ever-evolving world of digitalization.

Appreciate and enjoy life!

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Our Values

What believes are guiding us.


​We have no negative impact on the social, ecological and economical sustainability.

We strive to contribute to the wellbeing of society and aim to work together for a better future for everyone.


​We depend on each other.


To cooperate, to share information and to solve problems we need trust.

We believe with benevolence through honesty, open communication, caring, compassion, concern, sharing control and delegating decisions we can build this trust.

Narrow-mindedness, intolerance and egoistic behaviour have no place in our world of trust.


We show our real self and are true to our words.

​Thirst for knowledge and experience

​We help solve problems by applying our extensive and ever-evolving knowledge, experience, innovative thinking and creativity.


We accept complexity but believe with knowledge and experience we can better understand the chaos involved in solving problems.


​We want to be valued for performing competently. We do not need status symbols to prove what we are worth.

We see crisis and change as a chance to improve - to not stand still, but to evolve.  


​Nothing drives humans more than emotions.

Playfulness, joy, fun, enthusiasm, humour, passion and pleasure create positive feelings that lead to outstanding results.

Andreas Meier

Since the age of 12 I have been fascinated by new technologies and their possibilities. After my apprenticeship as an application developer and during my studies (HSR, Bachelor of science, in computer science) I successfully developed my first product, which is still in use today (ERP for beverage suppliers).


Since graduation I have been involved in various product initiatives. Therefore I can cover the whole spectrum from software developer to management. Thanks to my broad experience in the industry as well as my education as an International Executive MBA, I know how to discover the benefits for customers, drive the development of products and successfully deliver them. I place special emphasis on doing this in accordance with the company's strategy and culture.


I have implemented successful projects or the turnaround of stalled projects in cooperation with software development teams in Switzerland or abroad. I have over 15 years of experience in building, leading, coaching and training development teams in Ukraine, Spain and Switzerland.


I am also always willing to share this experience and knowledge, for example in the peer group on strategility research at the ZHAW.


Bridging the gap between business and development is my passion.

Talk to me about

Company Culture, Organizational Strategy, Agile, Strategility, Organizational transformation, Agile transformation, Leadership, Self-Organized Teams, Cross-Functional Teams, Tactics, Communication, Lower uncertainty, Estimation, Azure, AKS, GitOps, DevOps, Solution Architect, Software Engineering, Agile Fixed Price, Scrum, Kanban, Nexus, SAFe, Software Architecture, Web Application Development, New Technologies, Innovation, Innovators Dilemma, Decision Making, Gap-Evaluation, Bridge between Business and Development, PSM I , PSPO I, PSD I, SPS, PAL I, PAL-EBM, PSK I, …, Ice-Hockey, Cycling, Squash, Books, Philosophy, … and much more …

Dany Wyss

For almost 30 years I have repeatedly led and guided companies and product teams from ideas to successful implementation of innovative software products.

As a software engineer with strong technical expertise and wide experience from management to product strategies down to programming bits and bytes, I know how to create, support and nurture software development teams to excel in creating software products fit for the market.

Talk to me about

Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum, Azure DevOps, Nearshoring, Software Architecture and Design, Web application development, Enterprise intranet, Business applications, ..., JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Office 365/SharePoint, C#,, .NET core, SQL Databases, Azure Cloud, …, travel, basketball, having fun, … and much more…

Our Purpose

Empower every person and every organization to successfully thrive on change.

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