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We actively take part in your journey

    We don't just guide you, but live your vision.

    We integrate into your team, actively collaborate and navigate them to success. 

Coaching and consulting redefined.

We unleash your hidden potential to create real value

    What drives your team?

What makes your company unique?

We don't believe in "one size fits all". 

    Encompassing and understanding the whole system, the people inside and the culture allows us to identify where potential is lying idle to generate true value.

In a structured, but adaptive approach we transform and elevate your existing capabilities.

We bridge the gap between business and IT

A value-generating organization needs to be in perfect synchronization with the corporate strategy, business and market needs.


We deeply understand both worlds and foster their interaction.


Orchestrating the processes from strategy to requirements to development is where we excel.

We extend your team with the power of nearshoring.

We have repeatedly set up and fostered successful nearshore teams that integrate seamlessly into Swiss companies.


Let us help you break out of the crippling restrictions due to the lack of affordable local professionals.


Do more with less cost and scale flexibly to react to the market.

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