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Our Enablers are the services that enable you to reach your vision.

Philosophy behind our ENABLERS

With a complete picture of the problem space, we elaborate the solution space and collaboratively pinpoint what's needed to achieve the desired target state.

This is why everything starts with a Gap Evaluation.

To highlight how we can empower you we have developed enablers that reflect our strong expertise. These enablers fill possible gaps to establish a superior software product development.

GAP Evaluation

How we start

At the very beginning, we identify the current status that your organization is in. We will carry out a profound and honest evaluation of all cultural, processual and technical aspects. - "Feeling the pulse"

Subsequently we distill the best target state for your organization together with you.

This leads to determining the gaps.

Out of the gaps an action plan is generated.

We work with an adaptable template for the gap evaluation and usually take 2 weeks.


Agility is something that usually flows bottom-up in an organization. Nevertheless somewhere this movement will reach the C-Level of the company. It's questionable, if strategical long-term thinking, like 1-year planning or 3 Horizons Models - that usually takes 5 years into account - still makes sense in this fast paced world of change.


Therefore classical strategy processes are limited. They are not capable of pivoting business models fast enough and can't enable a culture where mindsets adapt quick enough.

We can make sure that everyone understands the same about what strategy is and why we should do strategy. Working out a definition of what should be considered in the strategical process is essential and allows for topic alignment. After everyone is talking the same language we will establish a strategic process that enables quick pivoting of business models.

The strategility process installs the right roles, meetings and tools, so everyone knows her or his responsibilities and accountabilities during implementation. The introduction of this process enables your whole company to understand strategy, in the end, leading to a very valuable cultural change.

Individual findings from the gap evaluation will be taken into account and addressed during this stage.

To install strategility an agile culture transformation should have taken place already or should be initiated either internally, by us or another company. But don't forget that the culture transformation needs to be done from within the company, by the people, no consulting company or external service provider can really change your culture, they can only support you with experiences from other transformations.

Agile Culture Transformation

Culture in your organization should be at the center of every change. Studies have shown that sustainable change only thrives from culture. This is why we have agile culture transformation in our portfolio to help you understand where you stand and what pitfalls you might have.

In the very center of your company culture are the people. Our approach is to start the agile culture transformation from the individual. The focus is on 3 layers, the individual, then the team and in the end the organization. On all 3 levels there should be a common understanding and alignment of the mission of the company and its values.

    Changing or breaking out from old habits often takes a lot of effort. But if everyone in the organization is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, can talk to everyone openly about her or his concerns and knows where she or he stands in the team this will have a positive impact. We have methods for helping the individual to train self-reflection and to be aware what part they play in a team.
    Self-organization is on everybody's mind. But it is often forgotten that self-organization actually does need leadership. We strongly believe in self-organized, cross-functional teams. But the hard truth is actually, that in reality it is hard to find a balanced team where all the knowledge is available to really deliver the best product. This means that actually the self-organization and the self-learning in the team should be at the center. Nevertheless it is often forgotten that this process of becoming a self-organized team needs leadership and guidance, so the full potential of the team can shine.
    Despite all the fancy agile movements there are a lot of open questions regarding how these should work. Agility can work in multiple organizational architectures like matrix organizations, hierarchical organizations or holacracies. Transforming an organization to be agile needs a step-by-step approach. Together with your team we can develop a suitable approach and can enable a view of the challenges from a different angle.
With our Agile Culture Transformation we will assist and lead you through demanding times of change. We will answer critical questions from your employees and come up with experiments and thoughts that head your organization down the right agile path.

Agile Product Development

Developing and managing a product is a challenging undertaking. A lot of problems have to be tackled and unpredictability is a constant companion. We see the awareness of complexity and uncertainty as the biggest assets one can have to successfully launch a product into the market.

To tackle the complexity and the volatility involved, many different agile frameworks have been created. Our goal is to find the right one for you - matching your situation, the maturity of your team and the progress of your agile culture transformation. And doing the right thing at the right time.

Being successful with a product requires involving the right stakeholders and users from the very beginning. This ensures developing a product that satisfies your customers' needs and solves a pain.

We master agile frameworks like Scrum or Kanban even in scaled environments. If your company or a team in your company already has such a methodology in place, we usually start by identifying anti-patterns. This provides insight into which changes would have the biggest impact on your productivity, your product, and the happiness of the people in the organization.

Not only an agile mindset, an agile culture and the matching framework is needed, but also the understanding of technologies and a cross-functional self-organized team. This is where our Agile Culture Transformation and the CTO  Services kick in.

Scale with Nearshoring

In Switzerland there are not enough software engineers to cope with the demand in software development.


The competition for employing the best professionals is fierce. 

Nearshoring, if done right, is one of the most successful options to avoid these pains.

We have more then 20 years of experience with nearshoring in several countries (i.e. Ukraine, Spain, India).


So we know how to handle all the challenges of nearshoring and seemlessly integrating remote teams into Swiss companies.

We maintain close relationships with highly skilled software engineers and are able to extend and scale your team fast.
With this enabler we assist you in finding the right people at the right moment for the right price in no time.

CTO Services

A great CTO is crucial in leading the technological development and innovation of a successful startup or new product initiative. But good, experienced CTOs are hard to come by. But this is where we can step in and help.


We accompany you with our extensive knowledge and experience in the tasks and roles of a CTO.


Sometimes all it needs is assisting your senior developer in meeting the big challenges a CTO faces. Other times we can act as your interim CTO, provide a CTO-as-a-service and setup a clear path to establish your dedicated CTO. We can also act as an inspiring sparring partner to your in-house CTO or technical leader. In all these scenarios you can rest assured that we can make sure the technology side of things is being taken good care of.

Software Architecture and Design

Technical and business expectations for good applications have never been higher.


In the fast moving world of today, customers want software to react and adapt to their ever-changing requirements fast, secure and reliably.


This makes a good software architecture and well designed components essential for a successful product.

We bring over 30 years of experience in building new software products. Trust us to guide and assist you on the way to a great future-proof product.


DevOps is an approach that brings software development and operations together to provide faster development and evolution of products and eases the maintenance of existing deployments.


It is central to a reliable and performing software development. 

Implementing DevOps in your organization is challenging.


It requires reimagining the whole development and operations processes, culture and tooling.


Due to our extensive experience and know-how we can support and guide your team to master DevOps.

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Communication Enabler

Our enablers initiate many changes and processes, but to bring together all of this mindset, methodologies and way of thinking, it is important that someone acts as the glue in your company. Only this can ensure that all the parts of your product development work in sync as a whole.

We call this person the "communication enabler".  This needs to be someone that can orchestrate change and has a certain standing within your organization.

We act as coaches and trainers to help this person to tackle his demanding role within your company.

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