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Why transform - Effects of and reasons for an agile transformation - part 3 of 3


Introduction to this blog series on why transformation is needed

Many companies have proven that an Agile Culture Transformations done right has enabled their sustainable success. But change doesn’t come easy. It requires a comprehensive change of workflows and a major shift in corporate culture and mindset.

To justify the major investments required to successfully transform, it is essential to understand why a transformation is needed. What happens if a transition to an Agile Culture is not tackled and what are the benefits of successfully implementing these disruptive changes?

Therefore, in this blog series, we will uncover why an Agile Culture Transformation in today's volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times is essential.

We will explore the costs of not transforming, the benefits of transformation and the effects of and reasons for an agile transformation. This will be published in 3 parts.

We aim to provide well-founded information to be able to take the right decision on an Agile Transformation.


In this blog post we summarize and distil the information from part one and two into a easily understandable model of why a transformation nowadays is essential.

On the one hand, at the least with the organization’s investment into such a transformation, technology and processes will not become obsolete. But on top of that organizations grow their ability to cope with the ongoing change in the market and ensure the continuation of the current business and revenue generated, while generating a better sense of belonging to the organization for its employees.

On the other hand, as we have seen, there are no boundaries on the benefits organizations can achieve from such a transformation. The transformation and the increase in the ability to innovate and enable ownership of the people leads to near infinite possibilities of business growth and so-called antifragility.

So we can conclude this blog series with the following visualization of the effects of a transformation showing how no transformation is a recipe for decline and the potentials of a successful transformation are infinite.

Effects of a transformation

Ardevia is convinced that we can accompany organizations on such a transformational journey, actively taking part to unlock the company’s true potential.

​We accompany innovative product initiatives to build a perfectly coordinated and highly effective software development organization.

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